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Russia Requires WiFi Registration
While WiFi wasn’t as broadly unlicensed in Russia as it is in most other industrialized nations, your can not find wifi antenna anywhere a state regulator exempted indoor use in certain bands from registration. The Mass Media agency apparently believes that it has the authority to compel this, although there’s some doubt by observers as to whether it really falls in their purview.
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Description :

1. AIS system & boat manages the double frequency GPS/VHF antenna or GPS/ Orbcomm antenna.
2. 47.2mm(Dia.) x 16mm(H), VHF antenna: 18.5mm.
3. Mounting: magnet.
4. Frequency: 156-165Mhz (AIS system) or 137-150Mhz (Orbcomm).

Specification :

1. Polycarbonate radome, rubber-O-ring between top radome.
2. 180grams (with 5m cable & connector).
3. Standard in black.

Cable & connector:
1. RF cable: 5 meter RG174/U (standard) other length (optional)
2. Pulling strength: 6 Kg @ 5sec. molded plastic on connector end for strain relief.
3. Connector available: SMA/SMB/MCX/MMCX/GT5/FME/Fakra.
4. Optional: universal connector adapter (FME to TNC/BNC/SMA/SMB/MCX).

Antenna element:
1. Center frequency: 1575.42 MHz +/-1.023 MHz
2. Polarization: R.H.C.P. (right handed circular polarization).
3. Absolute gain @ zenith: +5 dBi typical.
4. Gain @ 10o Elevation: -1 dBi typical.
5. Axial ratio: 3 dB max.
6. Output VSWR: 1.5 max
7. Output impedance: 50 ohm
8. Low noise amplifier.
9. Center frequency: 1575.42 MHz
10. Power gain: 28db +/-4.5db
11. Bandwidth: 10MHz min.
12. Noise figure: 1.5 min.
13. Outer band attenuation: 3 dB max.
14. Supply voltages: 2.5~5.5V DC
15. Current consumption: 2.5V: 6.6mA Typ./ 3V: 8.6mA Typ./ 4V: 12.6mA Typ./ 5V: 16.6mA Typ.
16. Output impedance: 50W ohm.
17. Overall performance: (antenna element, LNA & coax cable).
18. Center frequency: 1575.42 Mhz.
19. Gain: at 90o 30 ± 4.5dBi-(cable loss) Note: 1.
20. Mounted on the 60mm x 60mm square ground plane.
21. Noise figure: 2.0 max.
22. Axial ratio: 3 dB max.
23. Bandwidth: 2MHz min.
24. VSWR: 2.0 max.
25. Output impedance: 50W ohm.
26. Environmental
27. Operating temperature: -40°C~ +85°C.
28. Storage temperature: -50°C~ +90°C.
29. Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing.

VHF annt:
Frequency: 156-165Mhz (AIS).

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